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We offer a team of top-quality professional interpreters and the very best specialised equipment to meet the specific needs of your event. There are different forms of interpreting: liaison, consecutive, simultaneous and sworn.

Depending on your needs, we will advise you as to which well best help you achieve your goals, through the fluid, accurate communication of the original content.

We provide interpreting for all kinds of business and other events: congresses, conventions, conferences, training courses, press conferences, products and service presentations, sales visits, negotiations, shareholder meetings, sworn declarations, and more.

We provide all forms of interpreting, either in person or remote/online.

Liaison interpreting:
In liaison interpreting, the interpreter acts as an "intermediary" between two individuals or small groups of people, translating what each says into the language of the other, and vice versa. The interpreter has bilingual skills.

Consecutive interpreting:
Consecutive interpreting takes place after someone has spoken, i.e., the speaker and interpreter take turns speaking. No special facilities or equipment is required.
This type of interpreting calls for a high level of professional skill as the interpreter must have experience in public speaking, an excellent understanding of the speaker's language and excellent fluidity of expression in the target language. It is an activity that calls for great concentration, and so when translating extended talks, it is advisable for have two or more interpreters who alternate.

Simultaneous interpreting:
In simultaneous, or conference interpreting, the interpreter or team of interpreters translate what the speaker is saying simultaneously, while the audience listen to the interpreting on headphones.
We offer both on-site and remote simultaneous translation. For on-site interpreting, special facilities are required: basically interpreting booths, sound equipment, headphones and so on, all of which we will be happy to provide for you. For remote interpreting, we always use the latest, most efficient digital technologies.

Sworn interpreting:
Sworn interpreting is used in court, for notarial process or, in general, for any occasion on which the presence of an official sworn interpreter is necessary. Sworn interpreters are specially certified by the MAEC, the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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